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Please keep in mind that results may vary with Secrets of eve. While testimonials come from our customers, they do not guarantee specific results.

Self-love, focus and inner peace, naturally...

With pure and powerful, full spectrum hemp CBD products.

About Secrets of eve CBD

Inspired by the medical use of cannabis throughout history, spanning 6000 years, our full spectrum organic CBD oil supports the mind, body and spirit.

Every woman deserves peace

That's why we exist… to bring relief and joy to every woman when balance is threatened by anxiety, pain, and stress.

Our CBD oils are 100% organic and we use superior extraction methods to retain all of the hemp plant’s components for maximum effect on the mind, body, and spirit.

Each product we make, and piece of content we create, is inspired by feminine strength and wisdom, and designed to support every woman to thrive rather than just survive.

How does Secrets of eve work?

The human body has evolved to produce cannabinoids to help you return to balance when you lack sleep, suffer pain or feel stressed.

CBD (cannabidiol), from the hemp plant, can be used to generate the same calming, relaxing effect, without feeling high, to provide support when you need it most.

“No high, no side effects, just natural happiness!”


“Calming without any weird side effects.”"


Enjoy each month in a state of calm

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