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The effects of Secrets of Eve can be different and the opinions of our customers do not guarantee certain results.

Self-love, focus, inner peace-of course

With pure, powerful full spectrum hemp CBD products.

About Secrets of Eve

Inspired by the medical use of cannabis for 6,000 years, our biologically grown full spectrum CBD-oil supports body, mind and soul.

Every woman deserves inner peace

For this we are here-to bring relaxation and joy to every woman, when fear, pain and stress disturb the inner balance.

Our CBD oils are 100% organic and we use the best extraction methods to get all the contents of the hemp plant: for the maximum effect for body, soul and spirit.

Each of our products and all the content we create, are inspired by female strength and wisdom-created to help each woman to flourish, rather than just exist.

How does Secrets of Eve work?

The human body produces cannabinoids to get us back into balance when we sleep too little, feel pain, or feel stressed.

CBD (cannabidiol) from the hemp plant can be used to achieve the same soothing, relaxing effect without triggering a high. It supports you when you need it most.

"No high, no side effects, just a natural feeling of happiness!"


"Balanced without strange side effects."


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