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Everything You Need to Know About CBD for Women

In recent years, many people have started using CBD to help bring balance and wellness into their lives.

There’s an ever-increasing demand for high-quality organic CBD oil. A growing body of scientific research on CBD and cannabis is helping us to understand how the plant interacts with the human body. But despite its recent rise to fame, CBD isn’t a new thing. Modern-day women are certainly not the first people to benefit from CBD! 

At Secrets of Eve, we find it fascinating to learn more about how hemp and CBD have transformed peoples’ lives – not just in our modern age, but all throughout history! Read on to learn more about CBD and the hemp plant: its connections to women throughout history, its safety and efficacy, and how you can use CBD to bring balance and wellness into your own life. 

At a glance: what is cbd?

  1. Cannabis/Hemp: The Thread Connecting Women’s Wellness Throughout the Ages
  2. How CBD Affects the Body
  3. Breaking Down the Stigma of the Cannabis Plant
  4. Is CBD legal and does it cause similar effects to marijuana?
  5. How CBD Is Extracted from the Hemp Plant
  6. What Types of CBD Oil Are There?
  7. What Should I Look for When Shopping for CBD Products?
  8. What Does CBD Do?
  9. How Quickly Does CBD Oil Work?
  10. Can I Give CBD to My Dog or Cat?
  11. Conclusion

CBD and the Cannabis Plant: What You Need to Know

Since ancient times, people have been using the cannabis plant for all kinds of purposes – from medicine to clothing and everything in between! Throughout thousands of years of cultivation, we have developed the versatile Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica plants into strains with different qualities and effects. Cannabis is the broad term for the species that both hemp and marijuana are a part of.

Hemp: cannabis’s most versatile subtype

Most CBD products are made from the hemp plant, which falls under the umbrella of cannabis plants. Unlike its cousin, marijuana, hemp contains little to no THC. Due to the lack of THC, hemp-based products will not produce psychoactive or mind-altering effects the way marijuana does. Hemp is specifically cultivated for non-drug use. Its fibers are made into sustainable clothing, its oil and seeds are used as nutrient-dense foods, and its leaves and flowers are used to make CBD products.

How CBD works within the body

Cannabis’s exclusive compounds are called cannabinoids, and CBD is one of the most prevalent and best-known cannabinoids. There are many more cannabinoids, but they’re all present in much smaller quantities than CBD. The majority of cannabis research has focused on CBD over the past few decades, particularly when it comes to wellness and medical applications.

CBD, along with other cannabinoids, interacts closely with the body’s endocannabinoid system. It can affect multiple different systems and functions throughout the body. With its ability to affect sleep, mood, inflammation, nausea, and pain, many women find that hemp-based CBD is beneficial to their mind, body, and spirit.

Cannabis/Hemp: The Thread Connecting Women’s Wellness Throughout the Ages

Cannabis plants originated in Central Asia. It’s difficult to know when or how it was originally used by people. But one thing is clear: cannabis was valuable enough that it continued to be cultivated and introduced to new places. As it spread throughout the world, it became a part of many different cultures.

From ancient goddesses to modern women like you, hemp has been a thread woven into women’s wellness throughout time. Throughout history and across cultures, cannabis was often considered sacred to women. Here’s what we know about the history of this highly-regarded plant.

The ancient Chinese cultivated cannabis long before recorded history

Cannabis originated in China, and archeologists have found evidence of handmade hemp rope as early as 10,000 BC! The plant was also valued for its power to bring harmony to the body. From ancient times, it was used to soothe women’s menstrual pains and many other ailments.

Cannabis was used by worshippers of Ishtar, the goddess of healing

We see evidence of cannabis use in ancient Mesopotamia around 3,000 BC. Cannabis was a sacred and ceremonial herb used by worshippers of Ishtar, the goddess of healing. In ancient medical tablets, cannabis is mentioned multiple times as an herbal remedy.

Cannabis was medicine in ancient Greece and Rome

Ancient Greek writings mention cannabis beginning around 450 BC. Medical texts show that Greeks used cannabis to treat stress, pain, inflammation, and wounds. Elite Roman women also used cannabis for its healing properties and to help alleviate labor pains.

Norse people associated cannabis with Freya, goddess of love

You may be surprised to know that Norwegian Vikings used cannabis as well! Cannabis was associated with their goddess Freya, the goddess of love. Many believed it would provide them with Freya’s feminine and sexual powers.

Cannabis was a part of tantric practices in India

Throughout history, women used cannabis for erotic and mind-altering purposes as well! In India around 700 AD, we have evidence that people used cannabis as an aphrodisiac in tantric practices associated with the goddess Kali. Cannabis had been a folk medicine in India for centuries prior to that.

And, the Queen of England used cannabis in the Victorian era

Cannabis is a royal affair! Queen Victoria is believed to have used cannabis in order to help with menstrual symptoms. She certainly was not the first woman in history to use cannabis for PMS and cramping, but she helped pave the way for our modern use of CBD and cannabis.

So, where does CBD come into the history of cannabis?

The historical use of cannabis is extensive! In the past century, science has uncovered many of the mysteries of the cannabis plant. Scientists have isolated several of the individual compounds that give the plant its powerful properties, which has enabled them to study each one individually. It quickly became clear that many of cannabis’s most powerful effects come from CBD, or cannabidiol.

Instead of ingesting the plant itself, we can extract CBD from the raw plant material. In this way, we can preserve all of the best properties while completely eliminating any psychoactive effects (the high/stoned feeling associated with marijuana).

Today, CBD is used in a wide variety of products, including oils, topicals, gummies, and more. Many people use CBD to treat conditions or symptoms such as stress, pain, and nausea. Women still use it to soothe PMS, cramps, and other menstrual issues. Medical research shows great promise, though there’s still more research that needs to be done.

How CBD Affects the Body

The effects of CBD on the body are fascinating! In the 1980s, scientists discovered an entirely new system in the body: the endocannabinoid system, or ECS. It contains a network of receptors throughout the body that are responsible for many functions, feelings, and processes.

It quickly became clear that cannabis and CBD have a unique effect on the ECS! Our bodies produce endocannabinoids, which are very similar to the phytocannabinoids that are unique to cannabis plants. This is why cannabis can have a potent effect on the mind and body.

The ECS has receptors throughout the entire body, particularly the nervous system. When activated by CBD, these receptors can have an effect on:

  • emotions and mood
  • pain perception
  • memory and learning
  • appetite
  • motor control
  • sleep
  • metabolism
  • digestion
  • reproductive function
  • heart function
  • skin function

While there have been multiple studies on the ECS and its receptors, we still have even more to discover about how it works!

The basic takeaway is that CBD and the ECS can work together to help your body maintain its balance and harmony. Sometimes your body can use some extra help, even if it is doing its best to maintain homeostasis. That’s where CBD comes in! When your ECS receptors detect CBD, they’ll get straight to work instructing your body on how to best return to its ideal functioning state.

Breaking Down the Stigma of the Cannabis Plant

Because CBD is so closely associated with marijuana, many women are reluctant to begin using it. That’s why we love educating people about the history and science of the cannabis plant! We don’t want anyone to miss out on the potential benefits of CBD, especially when it comes to women’s wellness. Here are answers to some of the most common questions women have about CBD.

Hemp-based CBD is 100% legal, safe, and has no narcotic effects or mind-altering properties! As of 2018, all 50 United States approved the sale and use of hemp-derived CBD products. There are strict health and safety regulations to ensure that CBD products contain less than 0.2% THC, rendering them non-psychoactive. No worries: you won’t get high or stoned from taking CBD oil!

Is CBD well researched?

Yes! There’s still more research to be done, but there’s strong evidence for many different uses of cannabis and CBD. Medical professionals from all over the world are continually conducting studies that link CBD to various functions in the body. Here’s a list of several peer-reviewed studies, that look at CBD’s effect on specific illnesses and symptoms, including anxiety, arthritis, cancer, diabetes, epilepsy, pain, and nausea.

How CBD Is Extracted from the Hemp Plant

Es gibt viele verschiedene Methoden, um CBD zu extrahieren und manche sind besser als andere.
  • Solvent extraction. Solvent extraction uses a liquid solvent, often a type of alcohol, to separate the different compounds of the cannabis plant. This method is beneficial to reduce waste, but it can leave behind harmful residues that reduces the quality of the end product and affect your health and wellbeing.

  • CO2 extraction. This extraction method uses CO2 to separate the beneficial compounds from the rest of the plant. CO2 is forcefully pumped into a chamber containing the plant, which then breaks down the undesirable parts of the plant and leaves the cannabinoids intact in the final extract. At Secrets of Eve, we only use CO2 extraction to produce our high-quality organic CBD oil.

What Types of CBD Oil Are There?

CBD oil is one of the most popular ways to use CBD, and there are three main categories of CBD oil: CBD isolate, broad-spectrum, and full-spectrum. At Secrets of Eve, we specialize in full-spectrum CBD because we believe it is the most beneficial to women’s wellness.

CBD Isolate

CBD isolate is often marketed as pure CBD because it doesn’t contain any traces of any other compounds. It has 0% THC. Isolate is cheap to produce, but there’s significant evidence that it is not as effective as a broad-spectrum or full-spectrum CBD oil.

Broad-Spectrum CBD

Broad-spectrum CBD oil removes certain components of the hemp plant but it leaves many of them intact. All traces of THC are removed. Even though the other cannabinoids only make up a small percentage of the product, they work together to improve the efficacy of the final product. This is known as the entourage effect.

Full-Spectrum CBD

Full-spectrum CBD is similar to broad-spectrum CBD, but it contains even more cannabinoids, terpenes, nutrients, and other beneficial compounds. Full-spectrum CBD may contain up to 0.2% THC. This amount is small enough that it will not cause mind-altering effects. With full-spectrum THC, you get the maximum benefits of the entourage effect.

With Secrets of Eve Full-Spectrum CBD oil, you get the full effect of the cannabis plant. Try Chill (5% CBD-Öl) or Balance (10% CBD-Öl)to experience it for yourself.

What Should I Look for When Shopping for CBD Products?

If you’re still not sure what to look for in a CBD product, consider these important factors. Choosing a trustworthy CBD oil is incredibly important to your health, safety, and peace of mind. Here’s a guide to choosing the best CBD oil.

  • Isolate vs. Full-Spectrum. When looking for a CBD product to try, ensure that the product is full-spectrum CBD, not CBD isolate. The entourage effect is a powerful thing! With a full-spectrum CBD oil, you’ll benefit from all of the cannabinoids, terpenes, and nutrients that are generously offered by the cannabis plant.

  • Certificate of Analysis (COA). Always ensure that there’s a certificate of analysis for your CBD product! This shows that you’re getting a high-quality, trustworthy product. A certificate of analysis provides proof of the strength, purity, and safety of the CBD oil. Never buy from a CBD company that doesn’t share its COAs.

  • Clear Instructions. Trying out a CBD product can be confusing, and even if you’ve used CBD before, instructions differ from product to product. Make sure that there are clear instructions included so that you know how much to take and how often. Safety is the top priority!

  • Label and Batch Number. Similar to a certificate of analysis, having a detailed label and batch number will help you guarantee that your product has been lab-tested for safety. The label should include a batch number and a description of the product for a full understanding of what you are going to use.

  • CBD Content (%). The certificate of analysis will contain this information, but CBD oil is also required by law to list the CBD content on its label. Double-check to ensure that the COA for your product’s batch number matches up with the information on the label! The CBD content is essential to determining your ideal dosage and it also has a significant impact on the price of the product.

The Most Common Ways to Take CBD

There are multiple different forms of CBD. Different women have different preferences when it comes to price, ease of use, and more! Here are some pros and cons of the most common CBD products.

  • CBD Oil. Also called a tincture, this is one of the easiest and most common ways to take CBD. CBD oil or tincture comes in a bottle with a dropper, which makes it easy to get the right dose. It can be flavored or natural. You can place CBD oil directly under your tongue or add it to a food or beverage.

  • Capsules/Gummies. Capsules and gummies are a convenient way to take CBD orally. It’s a great option if you’re in a hurry, traveling, or you dislike the herbal flavor of hemp. However, capsules and gummies are generally more costly and slower-acting than CBD oil.

  • Topicals. CBD topicals are lotions or creams applied to the skin. If you have joint pain, period cramps, or skin inflammation in a certain area, CBD topicals may help when applied directly over the area of pain or inflammation.

What Does CBD Do?

Users report a range of benefits from taking CBD. Some people swear by CBD as a way to manage chronic pain, whether that’s joint pain, headaches, or back pain. Many women report a reduction in stress, anxiety, and depression when taking CBD oil. There’s extensive evidence that CBD has antispasmodic properties, and cannabis-derived medications are widely used to treat seizure disorders such as epilepsy.

Some people use CBD to help stimulate a weak appetite, reduce nausea, or manage the unwanted symptoms that come along with a monthly menstrual cycle. Lastly, the calming effect can improve sleep quality, bringing peace and rest.

From everyday stresses to period pain to serious chronic illnesses, CBD can help. The tricky part is that CBD seems to affect different people in different ways. If you don’t get the desired results, you may need to experiment with dosage to find the ideal amount of CBD for your body.

How Quickly Does CBD Oil Work?

There are several factors that determine CBD’s impact on the body, including physical attributes, dosage, and the type of CBD you’re taking. Here are some of the things to consider when trying to determine the right dosage and how quickly it will work.

  • Weight. Like with any medication, CBD dosage needs to be adjusted depending on how much you weigh. If you weigh more, you may need to take more CBD before you start to feel a significant effect, and vice versa.

  • Age. The absorption of CBD is linked almost directly to your metabolism, and metabolism is linked closely to age. Oftentimes, younger people have quicker metabolisms, which may mean that a young adult would experience beneficial effects more quickly than the average older person.

  • Sex. Your sex at birth may determine how fast CBD works for you, although the link between sex and CBD remains a bit of a mystery. The presence of estrogen may mean a slower metabolism. However, some studies suggest that CBD and other cannabinoids actually affect women more intensely, which would suggest the opposite result.

  • CBD intake method. If you aren’t seeing the results you were looking for, try switching your intake method. For example, using a topical CBD product is unlikely to help you with insomnia or anxiety relief. Try dropping a dose of CBD oil under your tongue and holding it there for a minute before swallowing it. It’ll absorb and spread throughout your body much more quickly!

Can I Give CBD to My Dog or Cat?

Yes – if used carefully, CBD can be given to dogs and cats. The FDA hasn’t officially approved CBD use for pets, but plenty of pet owners report that CBD helps their pet’s quality of life both mentally and physically! Nervousness, joint pain, seizures, and stomach upset are a few of the conditions that pet owners manage with CBD.

Use either an unflavored CBD oil added to your pet’s food, or a CBD product made specifically for pets. Research the ingredient list and double-check that the ingredients are OK for pets. Always start with a very small dose and monitor your pet closely to see how they react to the CBD.

Cats can tolerate CBD only in very small quantities. While dogs are able to process CBD a little better than other animals, it is mostly due to their size. Cats are typically small, so they require very little CBD. But no matter your pet’s size, we recommend consulting your veterinarian to figure out the treatment plan that is most likely to alleviate your furry friend’s symptoms.

More Questions about How CBD Works for Women? Try It Yourself!

Now, you can harness the same herbal properties that women used throughout history to help alleviate their symptoms. With today’s high-quality hemp-based products, you can have total peace of mind about the safety and efficacy of CBD.

At Secrets of Eve, our mission is to help women feel better and enjoy life more. Even amidst the stress of modern life, it is possible to achieve peace! With CBD oil, you can reduce the barriers that are holding you back from mental, physical, or spiritual wellness.

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