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The History of the hemp

Since human commemoration, hemp has been used to strengthen female well-being.

In the last century, the secret has been forgotten ...

Now it has been rediscovered.

From Ishtar, the healing goddess

up to the women of Thebes

brought the power of the cannabis leaves

more serenity into life.

For the Nordic goddess of love

Hemp generated sexual power.

The sensuality flowing through the body,

Female cannabis blossoms, enchanting.

Preserved to this day,

we have powerful and deep

for the female wellness an old secret ...

The Secrets of Eve.

What is Secrets of Eve?

We do not only produce the purest, biological CBD oil, without pesticides or artificial ingredients.

We also want to inspire our users to break the vicious circle of crippled anxiety, stress, PMS, or menopause symptoms.

Experience more balance and well-being with Secrets of Eve.

Making women stronger

Loud Studies is the probability of having an anxiety disorder in women more than twice as high as in men.

We want to help women to rebalance the body, mind and soul-through self-determination, self-love and concern for themselves.

Every day, Secrets of Eve supports women in getting more control over their well-being in order to give them a better life.

Full Spectrum hemp extract

Each Bottle Secrets of Eve contains Full Spectrum hemp extract, which preserves the entire profile of the plant: cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids.

It is assumed that all substances of cannabis interact in synergy and thus achieve a greater effect than would be applied individually-this is known as an entourage effect.

The way to more joy

A CBD oil recipe, which really captures the healing power of nature in a bottle, doesn't come about overnight.

At the beginning there was a desire to help women to find themselves. With dedication and commitment, we have finally managed to bring the safest, purest and carefully selected natural ingredients to women all over the world.

Improve your life

Whether you want to alleviate fears, stress, PMS or symptoms of menopause, here you are among like-minded people.

Take a look at the Secret Tribe and look forward to monthly deliveries and inspiration from Secrets of Evecation