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The history herstory of the hemp

Throughout human history hemp has been used to promote women’s wellness.

Last century it became a forgotten secret….

Now it has been rediscovered.

From Ishtar, the goddess of healing,

To the Women of Thebes

Nerves were calmed and soothed

With the power of cannabis leaves.

For the Norse goddess of love,

Hemp induced sexual powers.

Sensuality flowing through the body

From feminine cannabis flowers.

And from these bygone times, to now

With a golden thread we weave

Into women’s wellness, long lost secrets...

The Secrets of Eve.

What is Secrets of eve?

Not only do we make the purest organic CBD oil, with no pesticides or artificial ingredients,

but through education we also inspire our readers to break the cycle of debilitating anxiety, stress, PMS and menopause symptoms.

(Re)discover balance and wellness with Secrets of eve.

Empowering women

Research indicates that women are more than twice as likely as men suffer from anxiety disorder in their lifetime.

Our goal is to help women rebalance the body, mind and spirit to relieve anxiety through self-empowerment, self-love, and self-care.

Every day, Secrets of eve empowers women in need to take control of their wellbeing, so they can live a beautiful life.

Full-spectrum hemp extract

Each bottle of Secrets of eve contains full-spectrum hemp extract, retaining the whole plant profile including cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids.

It is thought that all the compounds in cannabis work in synergy, producing a better effect than when taken alone - this is known as the entourage effect.

The journey to joy

Creating a CBD oil formula that truly captures the healing power of nature in a bottle didn’t happen overnight.

It started with a desire to help women feel whole again, and took dedication and commitment to bring the safest, most pure, and carefully balanced natural ingredients to women across the world.

Create a beautiful life

Whether you’re seeking relief from anxiety, stress, PMS or menopause symptoms, you’ve found your tribe right here.

Join the Secret Tribe for your monthly delivery of Secrets of eve and education