Calm your speedy thoughts

Improve your mood

Lindere your emotional exhaustion

Make you recover and slept every day

Here are the "breathing exercises for peace and tranquility" to alleviate fears, depression and insomnia

Including a very effective technique developed by a medical doctor from the University of Arizona

All you need are 5-10 minutes of time and the right breathing technique.

" This series of simple breathing exercises can be used in stress moments and as part of the daily routine to reduce the effects of the body's natural stress response and regain the emotional balance.

The regular application can also help to cope with fears, depression and insomnia once and for all, without strict brain training or painful devices. "

Andrew Weil, MD, University of Arizona

Simple breathing methods

that take just 5 minutes, and help you find peace in the most stressous moments, too.

Calm down your nerves, sink your heart rate, and keep a cool head.

These are just some of the merits of our breathing exercises of calm and balance.

Our 4-part email series will guide you through four simple but possibly life-changing breathing techniques.

We have carefully selected and tested each of these breathing exercises.

Why? Because not all breathing techniques have the same effect.

This "toolkit" of 4 effective breathing techniques helps in particular in distress, depression and insomnia.

One method has been developed by Andrew Weil, MD, director of the Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona.

According to Andrew Weil, it works like a natural sedative.

Unlike conventional sleeping piles, which often lose their effectiveness with time, this method "first subconsciously, but with more practice, is increasingly stronger".

Finally lose the fear

and sleep better
-feel calm, full of drive and rested

After you've completed the breathing exercise ...

you feel more relaxed, in a better mood and balanced.

And when you're relaxed in the evening,

you will fall into a quiet sleep.

Deep and strong.

Freed from sordid, negative thoughts and exhaustion.

Your unrest? Over.

That might well be the way out,

to slow down your sordid thoughts.

Your chance to control anger and sadness,

to stop the hearth, the tremors, the fear.

And finally to sleep well and sleep.

Finally, you can wake up quietly and recover enough

in order to be productive in the job, to enjoy relationships, and to run self-care.

Each breathing exercise is explained in 5 minutes.

And every exercise can be done in just 5 minutes.


These defenders of the deep-minting have found all the relief:

The intriguing science behind the Complete Calm Breathing Exercises

A recent study (Thayer et al., 2010;Plans et al., 2019) revealed the surprising relationship between slow breathing and the body’s system that affects heart rate, respiratory functions, and digestion. Controlled, deep breathing appears to be an effective means of maximizing Heart Rate Variability, or HRV. This is the variation in the time interval between heartbeats.

In a normal, healthy situation, HRV should increase during relaxing activities like meditation and sleep, but decrease during stress or exercise. However if chronically stressed or overloaded, the body can get stuck in an anxious, stressed “fight state”, even when resting. This chronic stress and anxiety is very consuming on the body and can result in various mental and physical health problems.

By increasing HRV you can not only improve your autonomic nervous system function, but also reduce high blood pressure, anxiety, depression and insomnia.

Controlled deep breathing exercises can be a powerful, natural tool to use when feeling anxious, depressed, or when struggling to get to sleep.

A study has also linked the effects of controlled breathing to emotions (Philippot, Chapelle, & Blairy, 2002). By following breathing patterns associated with different emotions, those corresponding emotions will be felt. This could be the game changer you’ve been searching for, in your quest to calm anxiety, and improve mood.

Today you can try these exercises FREE so you can enjoy a calmer state and better mood each day and a refreshing sleep every night.

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Every day you will learn one new technique, in as little as 5 minutes.

Put it into practice whenever you feel anxious, down, or can’t get to sleep.

At the end of the six days you will have four new breathing methods to draw upon when you need it most.

You may find one or two work best or you may benefit from all!