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CBD success stories from women who experienced the transformative power of CBD in their day-to-day lives.

Relief from Stress, Tension, and Sleepless Nights

“It gave me a warm feeling of calmness for the first time in a long time”

- Monika, 35, busy mother

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had daily anxiety. Even on the good days, I’ve always been able to feel the tension in my stomach and chest. It gets worse some days, and on those days, it’s even more difficult to cope. Sleeping has been difficult for me for years due to the constant pit of anxiety.

Eventually, I sought help from my doctor. It did help a little bit when I got on medication, but the pharmaceuticals didn’t remove the feeling of anxiety. They helped to cover it up, but it was still there day and night. It felt like my anxiety was waiting just behind the scenes ready to strike at any hint of stress.

A few months ago, I received CBD oil as a gift. I didn’t know a lot about it, but I had heard it helped some people manage stress, so decided to try it right away. I didn’t know if I would feel any different, but it seemed like it wouldn’t hurt to try. To my surprise… I felt almost-immediate relief after using the CBD oil for the very first time!

I didn’t have any negative side effects like I did with the drugs from my doctor. I just had relief… sweet relief! The pit in my stomach was gone and it gave me a warm feeling of calmness for the first time in a long time. I still had lots of stressful tasks to take care of, but I felt calm and focused enough to take them on!

Now, I take CBD every day, first thing in the morning. While the feeling I get from CBD is subtle, it is definitely a huge upgrade from the way I used to feel. CBD doesn’t make me feel high and it doesn’t numb my emotions…

it just helps me feel like my mind is balanced and focused.

When I get hit with the occasional sleepless night, all I have to do is take CBD and feel the anxiety melt away as my body becomes more relaxed. I don’t have to take sleep medication anymore. This has truly transformed my life: being able to sleep at night is a game changer, and being calm during the day is something I had almost never experienced before!

Instead of being driven by frantic feelings of anxiety, I am free to focus on the things that really matter to me. It’s amazing to me how much better I feel, and my newfound peace is inspiring me to make other changes for a healthier life. Here’s to the next 35 years!

No More Unexplained Panic. Just Peace.

"I’m overjoyed to say that once I found the right dose, I started improving noticeably day by day.»

- Patrizia, 29

A few years ago, my mental state took a sudden turn for the worse after moving across the country to a brand-new place. Initially I thought it was just because of the stress of the move, but the problem was, I actually loved my new city! I felt like I should have been happy: I had a good job and a beautiful place to live. But something in my brain was on high alert and it just kept getting worse.

People around me had no idea I was dealing with this, but in reality, the anxious and depressed feelings were starting to control my life. I started to have crushing panic attacks where I truly thought I was suffocating. They would come out of nowhere and I didn’t know how to handle them.

Exercise and healthy eating are supposed to help with these kinds of things, but no matter what I tried, I could not solve this problem. I would go for long walks or runs when I felt the panic rising in my chest. It delayed the panic attacks, but it never made them go away. At nighttime when I was trying to sleep, the panic would build up until I couldn’t breathe. I wanted to run far, far away from my own body. The panic attacks led to headaches and other physical symptoms that would usually last for hours, sometimes even the entire day.

Conversations were hard, even with the people I loved the most. I was always distracted by a deep feeling of dread. I could watch the most heartwarming movie or see the cutest puppy walking down the street, and I would feel zero emotion. That’s when I knew that the panic attacks and depression were taking over.

Unfortunately, I had voices in my life that were telling me I just needed to get over it and be strong. Maybe this is true for some people, but it was not working for me. I felt like a failure when I finally visited a therapist and a psychiatrist. Honestly, my experience with these medical providers made me feel even more helpless than before and I didn’t go back to that doctor’s office again.

I can’t remember where I got the idea to try CBD, but at some point, I started taking a small dose each day. At first, I couldn’t really feel the effects. Every few days I would cautiously increase my dose by a small amount hoping that it would start to kick in. And it did! I’m overjoyed to say that once I found the right dose, I started improving noticeably day by day.

The CBD was only part of my healing, but it is the main thing that kickstarted my progress and inspired me to keep going. I love that I can feel positive emotions again! Happiness is once again a part of my life. Where I used to feel intense panic, I now feel secure and peaceful.

Finding a More Active, Social Life Through CBD

“It wasn’t just that I felt more calm: I also noticed an improvement in my chronic back pain!”

- Elena, 40

I started using CBD after my husband suggested it to me for my social anxiety. I’ve always felt like I would rather use natural solutions instead of prescription drugs. Herbal remedies may not be the first solution that many people think of, but the healing properties of plants can be incredibly powerful! Like a relaxing cup of tea, taking full spectrum CBD oil has noticeable effects on my mind and body!

Social anxiety is an issue that I have always dealt with on some level. While it was not bad enough to go to a doctor, it still affected my life and while I wanted to spend more time with friends, sometimes it was simply too stressful and tiring. I hated the feeling of anxiety that I would get every time someone started a conversation with me. It was even affecting my close relationships.

I remember the first few days of using CBD oil. It was hard to notice at first, but I started realizing that my nervousness was dissipating a little bit. I called a friend and I didn’t get anxious from our conversation. It was so nice to talk to someone without constantly worrying about every detail. It’s hard to pinpoint how CBD makes me feel. It doesn’t really make me feel any different aside from calming my social anxiety.

Actually, there is one side effect that I experience, and it’s a positive one: pain relief! I knew that people used CBD for pain and inflammation, but I was not even thinking about that when I started using it for my anxiety. After weeks of taking CBD, my husband asked me how my back was doing after a long day of yard work. I hadn’t realized it before that but I was hardly feeling any discomfort in my back! Normally I would be very stiff after that much activity.

I’ve recently been trying to exercise more and unlike in the past, it is not making my back pain flare up! I can already tell that these changes are affecting me positively in my friendships and work life, not to mention how much better I feel physically…I am incredibly grateful that I found something natural that works for me.

I prefer full spectrum CBD oil because it has more beneficial plant compounds so I feel like I’m getting the most for my money. It’s a peaceful feeling to realize that I am just fine. There’s no catastrophe that is going to strike the moment I talk to an employee at the grocery store. I don’t feel dread before social events. I simply feel more comfortable in my own skin.