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Relax… It’s time to get your life back.

Struggling with anxiety, depression?

Constantly feeling tired?

There was a time when life was enjoyable, when you didn’t feel a constant sense of dread or buzz of anxiety in the chest.

Stress didn’t consume every waking moment, sleep was long and deep, and you woke up feeling fresh.

And you didn’t pop a daily pill that only masks the problem, or creates new health issues.

Finally, now there is a 100% natural solution for anxiety, depression and insomnia relief...

The only choice

For deep rest and soothing calm, day and night.
So your body can
Repair, Revitalize and Rebalance.


Secrets of Eve

Pure and powerful, full spectrum hemp CBD oil

The scientific discovery that turned the CBD world on its head

Prior to 2015, it was believed that CBD isolate, which contains no other cannabis plant compounds, was better than full-spectrum CBD oil because of its purity.

However a discovery by Israeli scientists from the Lautenberg Centre for General Tumor Immunology in Jerusalem changed everything. The results of their research indicated that full-spectrum CBD oil offers more health benefits due to a phenomenon they named the Entourage Effect. This effect refers to the way in which cannabinoids, terpenes and fatty acids in the whole cannabis plant interact with the body, in synergy, to produce more health benefits than any of the components used alone.

Every bottle of Secrets of Eve CBD oil contains full-spectrum CBD oil of the highest quality, in its most nutrient-dense form, for an oil that provides maximum effect.

" Better than isolate! Night and day difference "

Laura N.

CBD oil user

Organic Swiss CBD oil

Our CBD oil is extracted from single-source hemp that is planted and harvested under the Swiss sun and transformed in Swiss labs.

The ingredients in Secrets of Eve products are hand-harvested from pesticide-free non-GMO plants resulting in a nutrient-dense, cleaner CBD oil so you have complete peace of mind that when you seek relief from anxiety, depression or insomnia, you are doing it with pure goodness.

Because of the commitment to quality from Swiss farmers, and the high expectations of consumers, when a product bears the Swiss Made label, you know it signifies quality you can trust.

Does your CBD pass the purity test?

Our bodies have not evolved to deal with the growing number of toxins that we unknowingly encounter and consume every day.

That’s why, unlike many other brands, Secrets of Eve CBD oils are 100% organic, non GMO and don’t contain fillers or artificial flavors. Every product contains the fewest ingredients required for maximum effect.

Secrets of Eve contains only two ingredients: 100% organic Swiss quality CBD oil and organic sunflower seed oil. This carrier oil is high in Vitamin E, which maximizes the absorption of CBD into the bloodstream, providing an amplified effect for the calming of anxiety, depression and insomnia.

Do you know how clean and green your CBD oil is?

Secrets of Eve products are produced using a gentle CO2 Extraction process, guaranteeing a pure, clean, quality oil.

This method requires less processing time than methods that use toxic solvents, and is considered chemically “green,” when compared to conventional extraction processes.

CO2 Extraction results in a superior food-grade oil with a better taste and preserves not only the cannabinoid profile, but also the other therapeutic compounds of the plant all the compounds of the hemp plant including terpenes and flavonoids, for optimal relief of anxiety, depression and insomnia.

Have you wondered how to check the safety and quality of a CBD oil?

Understanding which CBD oils are safe, and contain the quantity of CBD that is promised, can seem difficult. That’s why it’s essential your CBD oil comes with an independent lab test report, verifying contains no harmful contaminants, is not diluted, and is authentic.

Secrets of Eve full spectrum CBD oil is tested by two independent labs to meet stringent Swiss quality standards.

Unlike many other products on the market, Secrets of Eve oils are tested for the cannabinoid profile, but also for heavy metals, pesticides and microbial contamination.

A third-party lab report is easily accessed by scanning the QR code on the product packaging, certifying it is lab verified, high-quality, authentic CBD oil, for optimal relief.

Other women are experiencing the powerful calming effects of CBD oil...

"The anxiety is gone, and so my sleepless nights are gone as well!"

Anxiety pretty much feels to me like a tension in my stomach and I coped with it for a very long time believing that it was simply a part of me, that it was a normal response of my body to deal with stress.

I started taking CBD when my closest friend gave it to me for my birthday hoping it can help my symptoms. The effect was immediate, It felt like a shadow had been lifted, I did not feel high, I did not feel like a zombie as when i used the pharmaceuticals.

The anxiety just disappeared and a warm feeling of calmness came over me.

With cbd I simply enjoy those pleasant mornings. When you start your day with a sense of tranquility it sets the tone for the rest of the day, the tempo is not anxiety anymore but calm and peace of mind.

Linda, 35